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Laser Guided Energy (LGE)

About Laser Guided Energy (LGE™)

Current Opportunity: Department of Defense & Advanced Manufacturing 4.0 Applications.

Laser Guided Energy (LGE™), pioneered by Applied Energetics, Inc., combines the speed and precision of lasers with the overwhelming punch of high-voltage electricity. This advanced technology is effective against a wide variety of potential targets, and offers selectable and tunable properties that can help protect non-combatants and combat zone infrastructure.

LGE™ is unique in the field of Directed Energy because the laser is the enabling technology, creating the optical path for the subsequently transmitted electricity. The selectable, near instantaneous effects are due to high-voltage electricity, at manageable power requirements. The ability to create a path, direct and transmit electricity, and control the effects can be considered a revolutionary concept and capability.

Transformational Aspects of (LGE™)

  • Rapid response, speed-of-lightning
  • Rapid effects, no dwell-time required
  • Tunable effects, from less-than-lethal to lethal
  • Efficient effects mechanism, tens-of-joules
  • Laser accuracy, reduced collateral damage
  • Distance control, reduced collateral damage
  • Multi-mission, single platform capability
  • High firepower
  • Deep magazine

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