NHVG Electron and Ion Beam Systems

Applied Energetics continues to develop and expand its unique Nested High Voltage Generator (NHVG) accelerator technology for high voltage DC, electron beam, and ion beam applications. Our proprietary NHVG technology uses oil and plastic insulation in an arrangement of nested faraday cages.


The NHVG offers significant advantages over conventional, high voltage, DC accelerators including:

  • Lower procurement, installation, and operating costs
  • Significantly smaller size
  • In-line processing
  • All solid-state drive
  • Environmentally friendly (no expensive, high-pressure SF6 [sulfur hexafluoride] gas)


The modular, compact NHVG systems are capable of producing the following:

  • Ion beams in excess of 3 MV from negative ion sources
  • Electron beams from 200kV to 1.5MV with over 25kW output power
  • Pulsed e-beams achieving over 750kW of peak power
  • DC and pulsed high voltage power supply operation over 200kV
  • Operation in constant voltage and/or current mode
  • Easy to change cathode or ion source


Applied Energetics’ electron and ion beam accelerators find uses from research to production, including:

  • Plastic and wire insulation cross-linking
  • Material processing such as composite curing
  • Ion implantation
  • Medical sterilization
  • Radiochemistry
  • X-ray imaging

Please contact us with your requirements or application and we will gladly quote a system to meet your specifications.