Laser Guided Energy (LGE™)

AERG has developed, successfully demonstrated and holds all crucial ownership rights to a dynamic Directed Energy technology called Laser Guided Energy (LGE™) and its companion, Laser Induced Plasma Channel (“LIPC”). LGE™ and LIPC are technologies that can be used in a new generation of high-tech weapons. Currently, there are three key types of Directed Energy Weapon (“DEW”) technologies: High Energy Lasers (“HEL”), High-Power Microwaves (“HPM”) and LGE™. Neither HEL nor HPM intellectual property (IP) is owned by a single entity. However, for the third subset of DEW technology, namely LGE™, all of the IP and affiliated technologies such as LIPC are owned by Applied Energetics and patent protected with 26 current patents and an additional 11 Government Sensitive Patent Applications (“GSPA”). The GSPA’s are held under secrecy orders of the US government and allow AERG greatly extended protection rights.

Applied Energetics’ technological thrust is significantly different from conventional directed energy platforms. The foundation of the optical sources being developed at Applied Energetics is the utilization of Ultra-Short Pulse (USP) laser and optical source technologies. These sources can be used in multiple counter-threat defense applications, as well as dual-use purposes such as materials processing and biomedical functions. An aspect of the USP laser technology that distinguishes Applied Energetics from potential competitors is the portfolio of frequency agile sources that span the ultraviolet to the far infrared which can play a role in threat reduction or elimination of multiple targets. These threat opportunities in the defense sector include light sources to counter various missiles, to establish perimeter protection, and to establish lethal to non-lethal technologies for battlefield superiority. 

As we move toward the future, our business strategy reflects upon the significant value of the company’s key intellectual properties, including LGE™ and LIPC, and related technologies under development involving advanced Ultra Short-Pulse (“USP”) lasers and frequency-agile sources.