Laser Guided Energy

Applied Energetics is the sole and exclusive developer of Laser Guided Energy (“LGE”) and Laser Induced Plasma Channel (“LIPC®”) technologies. These revolutionary technologies can precisely transmit high voltage electrical charges by using an Ultra Short Pulse (USP) laser to create a conductive path in the atmosphere. This technique can deliver tailored weapon and countermeasure effects to targets with laser accuracy, and with manageable lethality to reduce the potential for inadvertent injury and collateral damage.

LGE technology has been in development since the Company’s inception in 2002, and the Company has protected what it believes to be the enabling intellectual property through U.S. Patent filings. In addition to our current Army contract, LGE development has been funded through multiple Department of Defense (“DoD”) contracts in support of U.S. Navy, Air Force, and the Office of Secretary of Defense program objectives.

Today, our efforts are focused on refining the design of essential LGE subsystems, extending our reach, and working on the many aspects of preparing this technology for work in harsh military environments.  Through our counter-IED programs, we have amply demonstrated the effectiveness of electric discharge techniques for IED neutralization.  Laser Guided Energy is the clear next step in addressing this urgent mission, and offers the capability for IED neutralization at safe standoff distances.

Additionally, newly emerging opportunities involving next generation LGE derivative technologies look promising, including additive processes in areas of Manufacturing 4.0 and Technology 4.0.